Samdarsahi is a Spiritual Master, a Light on the path to AWARENESS and a GUIDE for Inner Research.

He was born in 1961 in Kanpur, Northern India, the ldest son of a cloth merchant. At that time he began to read books of the Spiritual Master OSHO.

In 1983 he was initiated into Sannyas at the Osho Commune in Pune. This initiation was followed by years of intense meditation during which he tried out a vast variety of differente meditation methods. He ultimately preferred Vipassana and silence retreats.

After 7 years of searching he became fully awakened on the 2ND of April 1990. For 6 months he remained in silence and then returned to work for 2 years in the family’s cloth bsiness. During this time – touched by his silence and presence – people started to gather around him as a support for their own inner jorney. Over the years, until this present day, hundreds of seekers and disciples gather around him in his ashrams in India.

Every year he travels extensively in Russia, Kazakistan, Kirgistan, Europe and India to make himself and his message available all over the worls.

He developed a stream of consecutive meditation groups called “SEVEN STEPS TO SAMADHI“; each of the 7 groups addressing a different enery body.

Moreover he recently initiated the foundation “SATYA SADHANA SANSTHAN” for creating a new ashram and maintaining the existing one

5 Satsang VIDEO DVD shooted in Dicomano (Fi) are available (*)

Volume 1 di 5 Dicomano - FI

Volume 1 di 5 Dicomano – FI

Volume 2 di 5 Dicomano - FI

Volume 2 di 5 Dicomano – FI

Volume 3 di 5 Dicomano - FI

Volume 3 di 5 Dicomano – FI

Volume 4 di 5 Dicomano - FI

Volume 4 di 5 Dicomano – FI





Satsang is the term used in order to defini a consensus of people  who want to reach the Truth through dialogue, listening, reflection and meditation


Satsang happens when a Spiritual Master sits in front of prople, who are looking the Truth.  During the Satsang these people ask a number of questions to the Master and await the answer sat and listened. “Satsang available” means that a video was shooted adn put in DVD format.


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Volume 5 di 5 Dicomano - FI

Volume 5 di 5 Dicomano – FI

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